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Why we do it

CrossFit Veracity was conceived to help as many people as possible in the most intimate way possible: by helping them become better, more well-rounded people, both physically and mentally.

We design daily workouts that give people the fitness to do whatever they want outside of the gym – whether it’s a specific sport or just living life itself – in a clear, efficient, and enjoyable program.

So let’s start with the basics:

Conformity to facts; accuracy

Fact: CrossFit provides an effective way to achieve overall fitness

Fact: Everyone has the ability to CrossFit

Fact: The efficacy of CrossFit does not come easy

Fact: Many people will not try something that is not easy

Fact: Those people who not only try, but do will transform themselves

Fact: The transformed will have a quality of life that surpasses what they never even expected

Habitual truthfulness

The truth is that overall fitness requires that exercise, nutrition, and recovery are to be addressed as equals

The truth is that results will not be obtained if anything less than 100% is given

The truth is that we will not promise any results without demanding 100% of our athletes

The truth is that we will not demand anything from our athletes that we are not willing to do ourselves

The truth is that 100% varies from moment to moment and finding 100% may be a cause for discomfort

The truth is that becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable requires more mental fortitude than it does physical strength