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Experienced CrossFitters

We love nothing more than having visitors from other boxes come “throw down” with us.

If you are just passing through town, the drop-in is $20. If you have an extended stay planned, we offer a 3-day punch pass for $50. You can sign the waiver and pay for either option HERE.

You may find that we do things a little differently than your “box back home.” We hope that you enjoy the change in scenery, clientele, maybe even music. If anything makes you uncomfortable, however, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

If you are an experienced CrossFitter who would like to join CrossFit Veracity, great! We are thrilled to welcome you. If you are already familiar with CrossFit methodologies and have trained in another certified location, you can just drop in during a regular class or open gym and a coach can review your fitness level and knowledge of CrossFit movements. Then, based on that assessment, we can determine if you are good to continue with a membership or if you would benefit from some or all of our intro course. Please give us a call to get started today.