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Free No-Sweat Intro

Schedule a No-Sweat Intro below. Get a personal appointment with a coach to map out how our programming can help you. All abilities are welcome!

On-Ramp Options

After your No-Sweat Intro, the coach can ramp you up to comfortably attend group classes by focusing on your individual goals and current fitness level.

CFV On-Ramp: Private



4 Sessions

1 Week Unlimited Group Classes Upon Completion

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After your completion of the CrossFit Veracity On-Ramp Program, you can select one of our membership options to start training with us!

Membership: Group Classes


10 Classes/mo
No Contract:

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15 Classes/mo
No Contract:

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No Contract:

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Personal Training

Each Session



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Attendance Pack

4 Classes

Expires in 2 months


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9 Classes

Expires in 3 months


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  • Your Membership fees are paid up-front for the monthly billing cycle on the 15th of each month.
  • Your Membership auto-renews every month unless canceled by written notice before the 1st of the month.
  • You will be charged half your monthly Membership fee for cancellations made after the 1st of the month.
  • You will be charged for each class attended over your allowable number of classes in a billing cycle as defined by your Membership. The per-class rate is calculated by dividing your Membership fee by the number of allowed classes in a billing cycle.
  • Any use of the facility outside of regular classes without Box Access will first result in a verbal or written explanation of Box Access options. A repeated occurrence will result in a full Box Access charge for the billing cycle.
  • You can place your Membership on hold with written notice that includes the start AND end date of your request. Only requests longer than 7 days will be considered and your membership will restart and auto-renew at the end of the hold unless. Another written notice provided before the 1st of the month is required to cancel.
  • Failure to attend a class, which you RSVP’d to, will first result in a verbal or written warning. Repeated occurrences will result in being charged the per-class rate based on the Membership Term for each missed class.
  • There is a 5% family discount on each subsequent Group Class Membership for members in the same household paid by the same person
  • Pursuant to the terms of paragraph 1 in the Membership Agreement, the person on record:

Other Options



Thank you for your service!

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For High School students or full-time college students
enrolled in an undergraduate program

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Silver Steps

5 classes: $85

This is a punch card to our Silver Steps classes
designed for those aged 55+.

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Purchase a Gift Card

Contact if you would like an electronic certificate emailed to you.

If the recipient does not have CrossFit experience, please note that this will be applied toward an On-Ramp for them.

If the recipient has CrossFit experience but is not a member at CFV, please note this will be applied toward an attendance pack.

If the recipient is a member at CFV, thanks for supporting their good habits!