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Are you looking for workouts that are fun, intense, and different every day? 

Are you looking to get a lean and toned physique?

Do you want to get all the fat-burning benefits of CrossFit, in a low impact setting?

Do you enjoy the camaraderie and high energy of a typical CrossFit class, without the heavy lifting?

Are you interested in trying CrossFit in the future, but feel like you need to get in shape first?

Then you will love our new QuickFit program.

QuickFit classes are designed to get you fitter than you have ever been – in about 30 minutes per day!  Achieve the lean and toned physique you are looking for, while also improving your overall health.  Have the confidence to finally take your shirt off or put on that 2-piece swimsuit for your next beach or pool day. No matter your ability level, QuickFit classes will make you sweat and shed fat fast. 

Every class includes:

– A warm up that is designed to get you ready for the challenges of the day’s workout.

– Stretching to increase flexibility and prevent injury.

– A fun and intense conditioning workout that changes every day, combining cardio, weights, and core training. 

– Utilization of functional exercise equipment, like air bikes, kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls,  dumbbells, gymnastic rings, and rowing machines.

– A group of motivated individuals and coaches who will help keep you motivated and accountable each day.  

QuickFit classes run every Tuesday and Thursday at 815 AM.  Purchase a punchcard to attend classes whenever they fit into your schedule. First class is FREE so there’s no reason not to try it! 

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