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CFV On-ramp Program

The On-Ramp is designed to be completed within four thirty minute sessions. This introduction will give you the best foundation with which to start your journey to being fit. By focusing on your individual goals and current fitness level, the coach can ramp you up going into group classes.

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CrossFit Group Classes

Variance at it’s finest. Using a more conjugate approach to strength and conditioning group programming, CFV creates a more well rounded everyday athlete. The daily workouts at CrossFit Veracity are approachable yet challenging, and bring out the true fitness potential in every member.

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Personal Training Design

At CFV, we understand that each individual is unique and therefore may prefer a more one-on-one setting – whether for personal reasons, scheduling conflicts, or specific needs. The coaches are happy to accommodate to aid you in achieving your goals.

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In CrossFit, we train for strength and endurance, but our increase in muscle mass can also leave us with less mobility and tight areas in our body. We offer yoga classes at our facility to aid in a more well rounded athlete.

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CrossFit Kids

The aim of CrossFit Kids is to pair fitness with fun! It combines gymnastics, body-weight movements, and weightlifting elements to improve skills such as endurance, power, strength, speed, flexibility, balance, and coordination, which will help boost performance in other sports.

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CrossFit Endurance brings to light the drawbacks of long, slow distance oxidative training and gives the CrossFit Athlete the ability to understand efficient training for endurance events. The “endu” WODs focus mainly on time dependent or distance dependent sprints.

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Physical Therapy

Total Physical Therapy’s concierge PT practice has been successfully helping clients where traditional practices fall short for the past 14 years.

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Open Gym

Are you following another strength and conditioning program and need a place to call home but can’t deal with the traditional ‘globo gym’ and their rules of no lifting? Our Open Gym membership gives you access to our fully equipped facility as well our Barbell Club class on the weekends.

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Silver Steps

Join us to take positive steps towards increased strength, balance, and mobility! This is fun and social fitness for boomers of all abilities.

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