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Our Story

We design daily workouts that give people the fitness to do whatever they want outside of the gym – whether it’s a specific sport or just living life itself – in a clear, efficient, and enjoyable program.



1) Conformity to facts; accuracy

Fact: CrossFit provides an effective way to achieve overall fitness

2) Habitual truthfulness

The truth is that overall fitness requires that exercise, nutrition, and recovery are to be addressed as equals

I started CrossFit in April 2009, Level 1 Certified by January 2010 and by March 2010, I was at my desk at a civil engineering firm comparing the pros of flying out to Miami that weekend for a CrossFit Running Seminar against the cons of of dealing with my project manager’s wrath because I hadn’t requested the time off two weeks prior like I was supposed to. That’s when I knew my life was about to get turned upside down.

I was content with a comfortable regular job but I knew that my calling to help as many people as I could was severely restricted by the three half walls that formed my cubicle. I started running classes at Briant Park in Summit around my regular 9-5 in June 2011 and was lucky enough for find a small 900sf storefront in Springfield to open in September of 2011. It was a former cabinet store. It needed a. lot. of. work.

Fast forward to now. I’ve moved literal tons of equipment into four different homes for CFV (one relocation due to a fire), opened and closed a second affiliate gym, made and lost a lot of friends, and wouldn’t trade the experience of it all for anything in the world. CrossFit has truly helped me become a better person and passing that along to you continues to this day.