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Intro Series


We’ve designed the Intro Series to be completed within one calendar week. The classes are kept small to ensure that every person gets proper instruction – especially on the more technical movements used in CrossFit. This goes hand in hand with our coaching style and class structure during all regular and specialty classes at CrossFit Veracity.

This introduction will give you the best foundation with which to start your journey to being fit by placing you in a small class where there coach can breakdown each movement – from the burpee to the snatch –

so that you can focus on perfecting the mechanics, keeping them consistent, and then applying the appropriate intensity to each WOD.

Accordingly, since we limit the class size and registration closes once the class has been filled, please make sure you register early for your first week. You must attend all three classes – in order – before you can start your regular membership. This is for your safety as well as your anticipated progress. Starting off with the proper foundation will set you up for safe success!

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