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Frequently asked questions

What does a typical class look like?

All classes start with mobility work, some dynamic range of motion movements, and a warm up. Once completed, we review the movements that are going to be used in the workout of the day. Then set up, work hard and cool down. This usually takes approximately 60 minutes – give or take a few.

I am out of shape - is this too intense for me?

Any WOD (workout of the day) can be modified to provide the appropriate amount of intensity for each individual. So no matter what fitness level you consider yourself to be – true athlete or first time exerciser – once you complete the WOD, you will feel extremely accomplished and completely worked out!

Why can't I show up unannounced to a regular WOD for my first class?

Proper instruction ensures a safe workout environment. Everyone in a regular class has been previously introduced to the movements. Preparation is needed for our coaches to properly accommodate someone who requires additional instruction while keeping the class on schedule for everyone else. For this reason, please contact us to schedule your No Sweat Intro conversation. From there, we can set you up with the proper instruction and have you join regular WODs as soon as possible..

What does a typical CrossFit On Ramp session look like?

An Intro class is very similar to a regular class – it starts with mobility work, some dynamic range of motion movements, and a warm up. But instead of just a review of the workout, there is instruction from the ground up on the how and why of the core, foundational CrossFit movements. We then set up, complete a workout and cool down. Our On Ramp program consists of four, private 30-minute classes to review all necessary movements, answer any questions you may have, and get you ready to join the CFV community.

You offer classes 7 days per week - should I come everyday of the week?

In general, CrossFit is recommended on a schedule of 3 days on and 1 day off. Your body will not allow consistent performance at levels close to 100% without proper recovery. And recovery is why you get better – not more work! Your body needs time to rebuild itself. If you can continuously work out day after day and you aren’t PHYSICALLY in need of a rest day, I would examine your training days and really ask yourself “Am I truly giving my best effort in class?”

I finished the CrossFit Veracity On-Ramp Program and signed up for a membership - how does it work from here?

You will get billed on the 15th of the month and you then can come to as many classes as your membership allows for the next 30 days. Or if you have commitment issues (we don’t judge) and/or want to have the flexibility to come and go as you please then choose an Attendance Pack (4 or 9 classes). All rates are on the pricing page.

Membership at CFV does not require any (long or short term) commitments. We’re confident that once you WOD with CFV, our commitment to providing you with the best fitness value in NJ will keep you coming back for more.

I am a female - will this make me bulky?

No. Girls are built differently than boys. Unless you take steroids and naturally overproduce testosterone, you will never look like a man. (Though over time, you will generally be able to best most men out there in even the simplest of athletic situations.) You will also need to eat A TON (almost literally) of food. Neither of those situations are typical or common. Can CrossFit workouts be combined with a nutrition plan to have you gain weight? Yes. But if you are not actively working on it ladies, you won’t hulk out.

When can I come try a class?

Give us a call/email or use the online schedule to set up your No Sweat Intro, meet a coach, check out our facility and review your fitness goals. If you are new to CrossFit, we’ll help get you signed up for our On Ramp Program; if you are an experienced athlete, we’ll get you sweating as soon as possible!

Any fine print?

All the information for your billing going forward after your On Ramp Series – including discounts – can be found on the pricing page HERE. Most importantly:

The membership payment will be charged on the 1st of every month and will auto-renew unless written cancellation is provided before the 15th of the month prior.

One (1) membership hold per calendar year is allowed at a fee of 30% of the current membership and is non-refundable.

Refunds are not provided and partial billing is not an option due to the no-contract nature of a membership at CFV.

I have a question not answered here - what do I do?

Fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with an answer within 24hrs.