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CrossFit Kids

Hosting Themed Parties

CrossFit Veracity is now hosting parties! Kids love to run, jump, lift, swing and throw. CFV allows them to do ALL of this in a safe and structured way under the supervision of CrossFit Kids coaches. Some of the courses available for set up are as follows:

– American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course
– Star Wars Jedi Training Course
– Custom Courses

$225.00 for up to 10 children ($15.00 for each additional child)

60 minutes (45 minutes for ages 5 and 6) of gym time in over 4000 square feet of space in a course of your choosing + up to 30 minutes for refreshments/party time.

Parents bring (not included in cost):
Extra party decorations and refreshments

Please contact Anthony Stivale at to schedule.

High School Athlete Conditioning and Training Program (CrossFit Teens):
Wednesdays at 3:30p-4:15p

CrossFit Teens (ages 13-17) has been designed to compliment and run seamlessly with in-season practices and games as well as develop strength and conditioning in the off-season. Designed for the specific developmental needs of this age group, CF Teens begins to use weights appropriate to their demonstration of proficiency (proper movement patterns) given the weighted movements.

CrossFit Kids (ages 6-8, 9-11):

The aim of CrossFit Kids is to pair fitness with fun. It combines gymnastics, body-weight movements, and weightlifting elements to improve skills such as endurance, power, strength, speed, flexibility, balance, and coordination, which will help boost performance in other sports. In CrossFit Kids the movements are constantly combined in different ways to keep kids entertained. Game time during every class allows children to use exercises in exciting ways. After all the goal is fun! For more information, please click visit the official CrossFit Kids page.



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