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Sunday Outline: 8/31-9/6

Mon: Strict CTB Buy-in, Run, Snatch, AMSU
Tues: Part 1: WK 2 Day 1 Squats Part 2: GSO Wod 3
Wed: Part 1: STO 2: TTB, DL, BFB
Thurs: Part 1: W2.D2 Squats Part 2: Shoot Throughs, WB
Fri: Power Clean, KBS
Sat: W2:D3 Sq or Team Run, Jump Rope
Sun: Open Gym and W2:D3 Sq

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Sunday Outline: 8/24-8/30

Mon: Frantastic + Slam Sprint Finisher
Tues: Part 1: WK 1 Day 1 Squats Part 2: DU, AMSU, squat
Wed: Part 1: Bench Part 2: Rope Climbs and Hang Power Snatch
Thurs: Part 1: W1.D2 Squats Part 2: Row, HSWU, KBS
Fri: Run, Box Jump, Seated DB PRess
Sat: Power Cleans, TTB, Pushups
Sun: Open Gym and W1:D3 Sq

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Sunday Outline: 8/17-8/23

Mon: Congealed FGB
Tues: Part 1: Back Squat Maxes Part 2: TGU, sprints and around the world finisher
Wed: Part 1: Back Squat Maxes Part 2: pullups, run and amsu finisher
Thurs: Part 1: Back Squat Maxes Part 2: DU, 3 different types of lunges and windmill finisher
Fri: row, bear complex, plank
Sat: GSO floater wod elements
Sun: Open Gym

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Sunday Outline: 8/10-8/16

Mon: Deuce Birthday Wod (similar to last year but not really and not any easier)
Tues: Skill 1: Triple Unders. Skill 2: Snatch Balance then Team snatch, CTB, Row
Wed: Skill: Pause Split Jerk then PP, Run and Superman finisher
Thurs: Skill: Handstands then Sprint, MBCWB, KB, Rest
Fri: DL at 80%, 65%, BFB and sprint finisher
Sat: Team TTB, Back Squats, Sled Push (please minimize parking in parking lot)
Sun: Open Gym

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Sunday Outline: 8/3-8/9

Mon: KB, OHL, TTB, rest, GSq, WMASU, Plank, rest and windmill finisher
Tues: Skill: HPC + STO complex then WB, CTB
Wed: Skill: 2RM Back Squat then BoJu, AMSU, DU and hill finisher
Thurs: Skill: Power Clean EMOM then TGU, ball slam, pushups
Fri: MU + Ring Dips, OHS and good morning finisher
Sat: DU, Snatch, Plank
Sun: Closed

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Sunday Outline: 7/27-8/2

Mon: Row, DL, Box Jump and TTB finisher
Tues: Skill: Weighted Pullup then KBS, FS, HSWU 
Wed: Skill: Weighted Pistols then choosing a weight to go sub 5min with this intensity and Hip touch finisher 
Thurs: Skill: Barbell Complex then Sprint Course
Fri: HSPU, DU, Sprint and L-sit finisher
Sat: 31 Heroes. Register here to donate and get a shirt.
Sun: Open Gym


Sunday Outline: 7/20-7/26

Mon: Thrusters, Row and OH finisher
Tues: Skill: Deficit DL then KBS, DU, Rope Climbs
Wed: Skill: Squat Complex then medball amrap
Thurs: Skill: Definict HSPU then pushups, TTB
Fri: HPC, Ball Slams, OHL and HBH finisher
Sat: Partner FC, SDLHP, Box Jumps
Sun: Open Gym

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